Dr. Zalika Nisbeth

Family Medicine

Black or African American

I AM Zalika Nisbeth, born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Jacksonville, FL. I am a graduate of Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN and completed my Residency at St. Vincent’s Family Medicine Residency in Jacksonville, FL. I became a family medicine physician because I want to be a resource and provider of the most essential care to as many people as possible, especially family, friends, and my local community. Early in my medical career, I became disappointed in the medical profession and healthcare system. I knew and felt I could be doing more, a more efficient and effective way to deliver equitable health care that heals and transforms lives exists. Therefore, I created the brand and company I AM Dr. ZEE, Incorporated in 2021, that birthed the Lazer Hair Removal Boutique, which provides safe and effective laser hair removal for skin of color, and most recently in August 2022 FLPeach Direct Primary Care(DPC), servicing Savannah, GA & Jacksonville, FL. Since its inception approximately 20 years ago, DPC is the leading value-based healthcare reform to bring about affordable and accessible healthcare. For a flat, recurring monthly fee, my patients have 7-day/week access to quality primary care services via telephone, text, virtually, and in the office. Preventative care, chronic disease management, care coordination, personalized wellness plans, episodic care, medication refills, and discounted labs. No additional copays are collected. No third-party involvement, meaning no insurance or corporate-based health system. Longer office visits. Consistent care by the same doctor. By appointment only for members.

I Am Dr. Zee

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